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“I’m so blessed that my business allows me to travel the world with my family.  

There is so much knowledge to be gained by meeting new people from different cultures with diverse backgrounds.”

– Rachel Krider

About Rachel Krider

Dedicated entrepreneur and personal development expert, Rachel Krider has successfully created the life of her dreams. Along with her husband Shane Krider, a fellow entrepreneur and personal development expert, she has dedicated herself to helping others find that same entrepreneurial success in life as she has.

Rachel Krider and her husband were inspired to launch the Born To Prosper and Prosperity of Life networks as the result of so many success stories from their followers who used their guided personal development plan. By establishing the Born To Prosper Podcast Network, Rachel Krider was able to make their resources, such as training videos and seminars, readily available to a greater audience. Having the opportunity to deliver their message on a grander scale, one of which has is widely accepted and praised, has been beyond gratifying for both Rachel and her husband on a multitude of levels.

From Australia all the way to the United States, the Born to Prosper Network has inspired people globally. Together, Rachel Krider and Shane have grown and fostered a community of committed and empowered individuals who are now living their own successful lives. With proper guidance and insight, the Born To Prosper Network has given people the opportunity to lead a more inspired and controlled life. Through Rachel and her husband’s teachings, the Born To Prosper community has learned not only how to better understand themselves and those around them, but how to truly enjoy what life has to offer through the power of a little hard work.

Since her successes have allowed her to live a life of luxury, Rachel and her husband are fortunate enough to travel around the world for work. From broadcasting their podcast from Chile to sailing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean to give a seminar, Rachel Krider loves that she can follow both of her dreams. When she’s not giving speeches, you can often find Rachel relaxing on the deck of her yacht while growing her business.

Although Rachel knows that work is important, she makes sure she spends quality time with her family as well. With fun family trips to museums and cities, and she highlights the importance of learning each local culture she visits with her children to ensure each destination is an opportunity for life education. And because she’s fortunate enough to be a millionaire, Rachel is always more than happy to have her family and friends fly out to spend some much-needed bonding time!

As a teenager who ran away from home at the age of 16, Rachel Krider would always spend her time in a park daydreaming of jet-setting around the world in luxury. Now Rachel is proud to say that yesterday’s dream is today’s reality. You can learn more about Rachel’s travels on her blog here.

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