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When it comes to airplanes, everyone is so concerned with TSA guidelines and the long lines that they forget to plan for their actual flight time. When flights can last from few to several hours, it may take a little pre-planning and creativity to keep yourself occupied. While laptops and phone usage are frowned upon, there is still plenty to keep you busy until you reach your destination.

Have a cocktail. Yes, this is the first thing on the list. All other options on this list will be better after first doing this. Be cautious, however. On-flight drink purchases typically land around $12 per drink. Save some money and pack a few tiny 100mL liquor bottles in your carry on. *Drink in moderation!*

Get productive. Sitting in a plane with nowhere to go for hours offers the perfect time to work on those tedious tasks that have been waiting around for the right time: getting extra work done, unsubscribing from emails, organizing your bag, deleting photos from your phone, etc.

Organize your trip. Okay, so maybe you choose a last minute flight to go with your last minute vacation, and you’ve got no idea what to do in this new city. Or maybe you just want to double check to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Either way, planning out vacation activities while on the flight is an excellent use of time and energy.

Practice the local language. If you are headed to a location that speaks another language, the plane ride there offers the chance to brush up on some terms and get prepared for a language submersion. Even if you are traveling closer to home, time flying on planes can be utilized to learn a new language. Look out resume!

Chat with your neighbor. Socializing. Ah, society’s most forgotten past time! As silly as you may feel (think you will feel), there is a lot of good to be found talking with those sitting near you. Starting a conversation can introduce exciting people and offer new insight and perspectives.

Sleep. For many, this is an obvious one. Sleeping on your flight can enable you to get in the amount of rest you need without cutting too much into your vacation. Not to mention time flies when in R.E.M. Make things more comfortable by bringing a blanket and neck pillow, and even eye masks to block out the pesky sunlight.