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Passionate travelers do not let financial constraints squash their dreams of wanderlust. It is easier than ever to plan extravagant trips on a shoestring budget. Here are six of the most practical ways to travel without breaking the bank:

HARNESS THE POWER OF POINTS: Savvy travelers understand the great benefit of learning how to work the points system to their advantage to gain valuable travel rewards. Experts recommend finding a credit card that pays out in generous hotel and airline miles and then using that card for all possible expenses. Paying attention to sign-up bonuses can also help you to rack up the points more quickly.

FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES WITH A BUDGET AIRLINE: As long as your personal tastes do not require a first-class flying experience, choosing a budget airline is a great way to stretch your travel dollar. By being mindful of the extra costs associated with budget airlines and taking care to avoid them, this can be a huge money saver.

BE FLEXIBLE: By committing to be flexible in your travel schedules, you will undoubtedly open up a world of additional inexpensive vacation options. Traveling off-season or taking flights during the less desired times can protect your budget and leave more room for fun expenses. Being open to flying out of an airport farther than your ideal location can also potentially save a lot of money.

HIT THE ROAD: Especially when traveling as a family, a road trip can be a lot more economical than flying. Looking into a gas rewards credit card is another way that you can save big when traveling by car. As a bonus, the bonding that happens during a road trip cannot be replicated by any other type of travel experience.

LEVERAGE THE DOLLAR: The current strength of the U.S. dollar compared to other currencies makes this an ideal time to travel abroad. Even going somewhere as close as Mexico or Canada can yield big savings when your money is converted to foreign currencies.

AVOID UNNECESSARY FEES: Do your research and plan ahead so that you avoid unnecessary costs such as ATM service charges and cell phone roaming fees. There are numerous services and products designed to eliminate these fees.