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When traveling, it can be tempting to fall into a typical routine — go to this city, eat at this restaurant, and talk with the same people you see daily. However, people are tired of following suit and want to encounter authentic experiences. In fact, so many people are shifting from the norm that 2018 is known as the year of these unique travel trends.

Solo or No?

When traveling, most people prefer to spend their trip with someone. Usually, this is family, friends, or a significant other. Yet, the era of the travel companion may soon be over, as one of the big trends of 2018 is solo travel. Although traveling by yourself is not everyone’s ideal vacation, it can provide new experiences that you would not have on your own. For example, you may be more inclined to speak to locals, rather than retreating to your group. You also would not be limited by others’ preferences, which can open the door to adventures, sights, and, of course, food that you never would have tried. It’s no wonder that people are traveling solo; it’s the perfect opportunity to cater specifically to your interests.

The New Old Transportation

Another big trend that has taken off is traveling by train. People in Europe do this frequently when traveling between countries, but other continents are taking interest, as well. With airport security at an all-time high, it may be more convenient to take a train to your destination, especially if you plan on stopping in a few places. Another benefit of traveling by train is an increased amount of room. We’ve all heard that airlines are restricting legroom each year, but trains still maintain a fairly large capacity without sacrificing personal comfort. Finally, trains may not provide the most interesting experience, but it can be fun to watch the sights you pass on the way to your stop.

Undiscovered Destinations

Every year, it seems another attraction has become overrun with tourists. Instead of wading through the sea of people you could find at home, try following another 2018 trend: traveling to unfamiliar places. There are dozens of countries throughout several continents that rarely see outside tourism. Furthermore, within many popular countries, there are usually areas tourists stay away from. Why not explore a bit further than most? These undiscovered areas often come with some of the best hospitality, as well as a truly immersive experience. You will eat like a native, live like a native, and may not see a person from your country the entire time. It may sound nerve-wracking, but afterward, you will be amazed at how much you learned.

2018 has been a year full of surprises, but these travel trends were a long time coming. Even if you aren’t one to follow trends, try giving these a try. You will certainly have a unique experience and a great story to tell.